Up to 11% Cashback

2 days
120 days

RM18 OFF Sitewide

SHP25PDST   Copy
  • Valid till: 31 Dec
  • Min Spend: RM 20
  • Valid for New Shopee Customers only
  • Valid for purchases on Shopee App
  • Not valid for Tickets & Vouchers, Top-ups under Gaming & Consoles, Mobile Reloads & Sim Cards under Mobile & Accessories, PETRONAS & Setel Fuel Cards, Gift Cards & E-Voucher + S-Mart Milo, MMA Foundation Shop + One or Not Shop, Products from Shopee Mart store, Products from all Fulfilled by Shopee Stores
  • T&Cs apply
  • Shopee Cashback + Deals, Promo Codes & Vouchers


    1. For Mobile Devices, cashback only qualified for purchases made on Shopee App.
    2. For PC/Laptop Devices, cashback only qualified for purchases made on Shopee's Webstore using a Web Browser.
    3. For New Shopee Customers, please download the Shopee App first before clicking Shop Now to qualify for New Customer Cashback Rate.
    4. Making subsequent purchases too close to the first order may disrupt the cashback tracking system. We recommend waiting a few minutes before clicking Shop Now to make your next purchase.
    5. Returning/Refunding/Cancelling an item in your Order may result in your whole order's cashback getting voided.

    Shop for Variety at Shopee with Great Deals and get Cashback!

    Shopee is the largest eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It is a platform tailored for the region, making online shopping easy, secure and fast through its strong payment and logistical support. Shopee is strongly supported by Sea (formerly known as Garena), Southeast Asia's largest internet platform provider.

    Shopee Cashback Rates:

    New Customers 6%
    Existing Customers 0.1%
    Brand Offers Up to 11% (Up to 14% on 25 Feb)
    Utilities, Bill Payments & Top Ups -
    Digital_byshopeeofficial Store -
    Tickets, Vouchers & Services -
    Digital Voucher -
    ShopeeFood -
    Cinema & Events -
    TELCO -
    Travel -
    Donation, Local Service, Investment -

    *Upsize Cashback received on 25 Feb for Brand Offers may only reflect the correct upsized value after 25 Feb.

    Maximum Cashback Cap per Order

    New Customers RM 10
    Existing Customers RM 0.50

    Example for New Customer Cashback Cap:

    • If Supermart Order Value is RM 8,000
    • Cashback = (RM 8,000 x 6% up to RM 10 cap) = RM 10

    Brand Offers Cashback Rates:

    Note: Standard Rate is used if Upsize Rate is indicated as "-".

    Official Store Standard 2 Feb Upsize
    AGE 20's & LUNA Official Store 4.2% 7.2%
    AHC Beauty Official Shop 4.2% -
    AKEMI Official Store 3.5% 7.2%
    alaindelonmenshoes.os 5.6% -
    asadi Malaysia 3.5% -
    Bottoms Lab Official 2.8% -
    Callie Mask 5.6% -
    Candia Shoes 2.8% -
    CAT Official Store 3.5% -
    Comfort Republic Official 2.8% -
    crocodilemenshoes.os 5.6% -
    Croopper Official Store 4.2% -
    Dans Footwear 5.6% -
    Electronics Mart by Shopee 2.8% -
    ELLE Apparel MY Official Store 4.2% -
    Exhaust Garment 2.8% -
    FitFlop Official Store 2.8% -
    Fitgear Active 3.5% -
    Garden of EDEN Official Store 4.2% -
    Gildan Official Shop 2.8% -
    Hammer King Official Store 4.2% -
    Happy2U Official Store 3.5% -
    Happyfit Footwear 2.8% -
    Her Jewellery 5.6% 9.0%
    Hercules Shoes Official Store 2.8% -
    hummer.os 5.6% -
    Idexer.os 2.8% -
    JBL Malaysia Official Store 2.8% 5.4%
    King Koil Official Stores 3.5% 7.2%
    KITSUI HQ 5.6% 9.0%
    Kobayashi 7.0% -
    Larrie Shoe Official Store 5.6% -
    LEGO OFFICIAL SHOP 2.8% 5.4%
    Louis Cuppers & Noveni Official Store 5.6% -
    Lyden Official Store 2.8% -
    MAMEE OFFICIAL 3.5% 6.3%
    Marc & Giselle Official Store 2.8% -
    Mideer Official Shop 2.8% 5.4%
    My Ballerine Official Store 2.8% 5.4%
    New Balance Official Store 2.8% -
    North Harbour Official Store 2.8% -
    Nose Official Store 2.8% -
    Nutox Official Shop 4.2% -
    Official Bata Store 2.8% -
    OHNI 2.8% -
    Organic Fields 3.5% 6.3%
    OXWHITE Official Store 2.8% 5.4%
    P&G Official Store 4.9% 8.1%
    PINLY GARMENT 2.8% -
    poloshoes.os 5.6% -
    Reebok Watch Official Store 3.5% -
    Rightway T-Shirt Official Shop 2.8% -
    Rip Curl Official Store 2.8% 5.4%
    ShuzzLab 14.0% -
    Simple Beaute 4.2% -
    The Pink Stuff Official Store Malaysia 5.6% -
    The Shoeholic Official Store 2.8% -
    Thousand Miles Official 2.8% -
    TJean Official Store 3.5% 6.3%
    Triumph Malaysia Official Store 4.2% -
    VOIR Gallery 4.2% -
    XES Shoes 2.8% 5.4%
    Yebengshoes 4.2% -
    Zalora Malaysia Official Store 4.2% -

    *List updated as of 1 Feb

    Tips for Successful Cashback Tracking

    • Only make your purchases on Shopee App for purchases made on Mobile Devices.
    • If the App Store loads after clicking Shop Now, click Open Shopee App. If you do not have the Shopee App installed, proceed to install the Shopee App and then click Shop Now again on MilkADeal.
    • Make your payment immediately in the same window after placing your orders.
    • Making subsequent purchases too close to the first order may disrupt the cashback tracking system. We recommend waiting a few minutes before clicking Shop Now to make your next purchase.

    Terms & Conditions:

    • Cashback for new and existing Shopee Customers is limited to Shopee's monthly budget and first come first serve. It may be paused once the budget is met. 
    • Cashback from Brand Offers may also be paused at any time without prior notice.
    • Should there be any discrepancy on details of Brand Offers, details on this page supercedes.
    • For Mobile Devices, only purchases made on Shopee App are qualified for cashback.
    • New Shopee Customers must have the Shopee App installed first before purchases are made to qualify for the New Customer Cashback Rate.
    • Cashback for New Customers may reflect Existing Customer Cashback Rate first. If so, it will be updated to the correct value once Cashback is Confirmed.
    • e-Wallet Top Ups may result in your cashback getting voided.
    • Shopping Cart checked out but with no payment made will result in a Voided Cashback.
    • Returning/Refunding/Cancelling an item in your Order may result in your whole order's cashback getting voided.
    • Gift card purchases do not qualify for cashback.
    • Only one check out per shopping trip is entitled to Cashback.
    • For multiple checkouts, please click "Shop Now" on MilkADeal again and re-add the items into your shopping cart. If your payment fails at checkout, you must go through MilkADeal, click Shop Now and restart the process again.
    • Cashback will only be awarded for orders already delivered.
    • Cashback will be paid on legitimate transactions only.
    • Accounts that engage in fraudulent orders/activities, such as gaming or cheating the system will be banned and all cashback forfeited.
    • Returns, exchanges and cancellations will not be awarded with cashback.
    • The use of any discount/promo/voucher codes other than those published on MilkADeal may result in your cashback being voided.
    • Cashback is calculated excluding all taxes, shipping charges, discounts, promo code applied, credits utilised, service charges, points redemption etc.
    • To ensure proper cashback tracking, please ensure MilkADeal is the last link you clicked on before making your purchase. If you have been browsing on other sites in between (such as price comparison sites, coupon and deal sites), we will not be awarded with cashback. Therefore, we always advise users to avoid opening multiple tabs on your browser when making your purchase to avoid any tracking issues.
    • If you are a Shopee reseller, there is the possibility that Shopee will void your cashback. Unfortunately, Shopee's decision is final and we are not able to challenge them on this.
    • As we receive reports in foreign currency, there may be a slight discrepancy in your purchase total due to currency exchange.
    • Information displayed here might differ from time to time and MilkADeal reserves the right to make changes to this Terms & Conditions without prior notice.
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