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Book Local Authentic Tours and must-see Attractions at Top Tourist Destinations with Cashback!

From Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Seoul, Australia and MANY MORE.

KKday is the leading e-commerce travel platform that connects travelers with AUTHENTIC local tours & activities!

The team are a group of travel lovers who look for the most authentic local experiences.

Book a local tour guide at popular destinations like Lake Kawaguchi (Japan), Sagano Romantic Train (Japan), Taichung Gaomei Wetlands (Taipet), Nami Island (South Korea), Great Ocean Road + Grampians National Park (Australia) and MORE!

Prefer the city life? Check out their Pub Crawl experience in major cities, nightlife private tours, river cruises, etc.

Historical Junkie? Well there's always the Great Wall of China tour or *gasp* the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

Looking for local cuisines because you want to taste real food of the country you are visiting? They got you covered too.

In essence, KKday knows what you like and what's authentic. Find for your next activity that best fits your upcoming trip for an unforgettable journey!

KKday Cashback rates with Visa Cards (17 Feb - 30 Apr):

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KKday Cashback rates:

All Users - 3.5%

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