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CHARLES & KEITH's online store - CHARLESKEITH.COM - offers a wide range of fashion forward footwear, bags and accessories including belts, sunglasses, bracelets, and tech accessories. Customers may shop for stylish shoes, bags and accessories suited for every occasion, from a day in the office to a casual weekend or glamorous dinner.

CHARLESKEITH.COM also carries exclusive colours and designs of bags, shoes, necklaces and bracelets that are only available via the online store and not in any of the CHARLES & KEITH retail or departmental stores.

CHARLESKEITH.COM ships to over 70 delivery destinations worldwide. Payment via Visa, MasterCard or JCB is accepted. Promotions, including free shipping and discounts, exclusive to the online store are available throughout the year.

Designed with customers' needs in mind, CHARLESKEITH.COM aims to provide a seamless online shopping experience with its minimalist aesthetic and smooth website flow. To shop more efficiently, customers can filter the products by category, material, colour, size, and price range. Each shoe, bag and accessory comes with product details, a short description and images of the product as well as models wearing the product for better visualization. For customers who are new to the site, a shopping guide, which includes details on the shipping charges, tax and duties, returns and exchanges, sizing, care tips and frequently asked questions is available for more information.

Charles & Keith Cashback Rates with Visa Cards (17 Feb - 30 Apr):

New Customer 9.5%
Existing Customer 7%

*Valid until budget is fully consumed

Charles & Keith Cashback Rates:

New Customer 4.5%
Existing Customer 2%

Terms & Conditions for Charles & Keith Cashback

  • Purchases made on the merchant app do not qualify for cashback.
  • Gift card purchases do not qualify for cashback.
  • Returns, exchanges and cancellations will not be awarded with cashback.
  • The use of any discount/promo/voucher codes other than those published on MilkADeal may result in your cashback being voided.
  • Cashback is calculated excluding all taxes, shipping charges, discounts, promo code applied, credits utilised, service charges, points redemption etc.
  • In the unlikely event your payment made failed at the merchant page, return to MilkADeal and re-do your purchase to ensure proper tracking.
  • For multiple checkouts, please click "Shop Now" on MilkADeal again. If your payment fails at checkout, you must go through MilkADeal, click Shop Now and restart the process again.
  • To ensure proper cashback tracking, please ensure MilkADeal is the last link you clicked on before making your purchase. If you have been browsing on other sites in between (such as price comparison sites, coupon and deal sites), we will not be awarded with cashback. Therefore, we always advise users to avoid opening multiple tabs on your browser when making your purchase to avoid any tracking issues.