What is MAD Pro?
MAD Pro allows you to earn cashback when your followers make an online purchase from popular e-commerce stores through your unique links.

By regularly sharing links to as many shoppers as possible, you earn money as shoppers shop.
Who is MAD Pro for?
MAD Pro is for anybody looking for additional income. You can be a freelancer, YouTuber, blogger, social media influencer, Facebook Group owner or just a friend to someone who shops online regularly.
What is the difference between MAD Pro and MilkADeal?
MilkADeal helps you earn cashback on your own online shopping.

MAD Pro helps you earn cashback when your followers make an online purchase through your unique links.
What links can you share?
There are 2 types of links you can share:

  1. You can share your unique landing page link on your social media profile. Get your landing page link here
  2. You can also share unique campaign links. Follow this guide to learn how to get unique campaign links.
Where can I find my unique links?
Follow this guide to learn how to get your unique campaign links.
I'm already a MilkADeal user, how do I register for MAD Pro?
MAD Pro is currently by invite-only. You can register your interest here.
How do I get Early Access to MAD Pro?
You can apply to get early access by clicking on the “Get Early Access” button here.
How do I claim my MAD Pro username?
Once you have access to MAD Pro, you will be prompted to claim your MAD Pro username. You must claim your username first to start earning.
Why do I have to claim my MAD Pro username?
This is because your unique links are tied to your MAD Pro username. Your username makes it unique!
Is MAD Pro free?
To facilitate and administer the system, MAD Pro has an annual fee of RM10 only if you have earned more than RM10 in MAD Pro cashback within 12 months of your membership. Your membership will be auto-renewed annually.

The annual fee is currently waived until further notice.

The annual fee will be taken out from your cashback if and when you cash out.
Is this an MLM / Pyramid / Ponzi scheme?
Absolutely NOT. There are no recruitments or investments required.
Where's the money coming from?
We get paid by advertisers (qualified stores) to bring them customers.
I'm a MAD Pro user, how do I make money?
You make money by sharing your MAD Pro links, and when someone shops through your unique link, your cashback will be credited to your MAD Pro / MilkADeal account.
Where can I find the MAD Pro cashback rate for each store?
The cashback rate of each store is displayed on the MAD Pro section of each qualified store.
Is the MAD Pro cashback rate different from MilkADeal cashback rate?
Yes, the cashback rates may differ.
How much can I earn from MAD Pro?
The more people buy through your links, the more you earn. It's as simple as that.
Is there a limit to my MAD Pro earnings?
There is no limit. It's not a one-time bonus. When your friend makes a purchase through your link, you earn. Every time.
Where can I share my MAD Pro link?
You can share your links on all your social media profiles. You can also share them through Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, Email and Facebook. Talk to us on our Telegram group to find out what’s the best way to share.
How do I cash out my MAD Pro earnings?
To cash out all confirmed cashback, click on Request Cashout found at your MilkADeal dashboard. It will be credited to your bank account within 7 working days. Your commissions can be cashed out together with your MilkADeal cashback.
I have shared my unique link with my friend. How do I know if he completed a purchase?
Your friend’s transaction will appear on your MAD Pro dashboard. You will only be able to see how much cashback you earn. You will not see amount spent.
My friend's purchase has been tracked in my MAD Pro dashboard. Why is it shown as Pending? When will it be Confirmed?
Transactions are pending because advertisers have not yet validated the transactions. The transactions will be confirmed once advertisers validate them. This will take between 90 - 120 days from the transaction date, assuming no delays by the advertisers.
What happens if my friend refunds an item? Will I still be able to earn from that transaction?
No, if the item is refunded, the transaction will be voided and you will not be able to earn cashback from it.
Why can't I access MAD Pro on my MilkADeal app?
MAD Pro is only available on the website but we will be updating our MilkADeal app next. Watch this space!
Do I get a reward for referring friends to use MAD Pro?
No, you do not get rewarded to refer friends to use MAD Pro.

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