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Lazada Malaysia Cashback, Vouchers, Discount Codes & Coupons

Lazada Cashback rates: (effective 12pm, 29 Aug 2017)

Electronics (Existing Customer) 1.5%
Electronics (New Customer) 3.5%
Fashion (Existing Customer) 4%
Fashion (New Customer) 11%
Groceries, Vouchers & Services (Existing Customer) 3.5%
Groceries, Vouchers & Services (New Customer) 8.5%
Non-electronics (Existing Customer) 3%
Non-electronics (New Customer) 7.5%
Apple Official Store Products 0%
Volkswagen and Lazada Gift Cards 0%
  • Maximum cashback per order is RM60. Final amount will be amended upon confirmation of cashback.

We are here to help you save money shopping on Lazada


Lazada pays us a commission for every sale you make after clicking on the "Shop Now" link above.

We take that commission and pay it back to you 100%.

That is how it works.

If you can't find that big "Shop Now" button above, here's a bigger button.

You're most welcome!

Shop Now at Lazada & Get Cashback

Why should you shop on Lazada? Here are a few reasons:

Safest online shopping destination in Malaysia and Southeast Asia

Lazada is hands-down the most funded online shopping website in this Southeast Asia.

It was started by Rocket Internet from Germany and have raised more than US$647 million from various investors such as Tesco, Temasek Holdings & more.

You read that right:

For the price of a Saudi Arabia donation, you can build an online shopping juggernaut in Southeast Asia.

Recently, for a reported measly price of US$1 billion, Alibaba acquired Lazada Group. That is US$1,000,000,000.

So apart from owning Taobao and Tmall, which controls more than 80% of online shopping in China, they also own Lazada.

Side note: You can also get cashback when shopping on Taobao and Tmall here on MilkADeal.

What does this have to do with you as a customer?

Being heavily funded means that they can afford to spend to enhance every part of their business. This also means that they can afford to have a huge customer service team and awesome returns & refunds policy.

Best prices (for certain products)

While I can't say that everything on Lazada is the cheapest even after awarding you cashback, they do have the best prices when they WANT TO have the best prices.

Here is how to spot the best prices on Lazada:

If they are on the Bestseller category page, it is probably the lowest price you can find online.

The only thing you need to be aware of is the SHIPPING FEE here. While standard delivery is usually FREE, sometimes you will need to pay a little bit more for bulky items.

Diapers are almost always cheaper on Lazada

Diapers have always been sold at zero profits or sometimes at a loss in supermarkets to draw in parents so that they can buy other things. This is true for offline shops but is not true online.

I am going to explain why this is a big deal:

When you walk into a shopping centre to buy diapers, you are stuck in that shopping centre. Unless you have will as strong as steel, you will end up buying something else.

On the internet, you can just go to the website and buy some diapers without shopping any further.

Given that Lazada can't profit off of you in one transaction, there isn't any reason why they should offer diapers at these crazy low prices.

But they did!

Here's proof:

Even with the delivery cost of RM5, that's almost RM42 per pack before any cashback.

Including cashback, that's almost RM38 per pack (9% cashback from MilkADeal).

Tip: it gets even cheaper with special events such as

  • 11.11 - 12.12 Online Revolution Sale
  • Online Baby Fair
  • Various Sales & Flash Sale

Remember to subscribe to our newsletter to get notified of such events.

Flash Sale - confirm lowest prices

When Lazada has flash sales, you do not want to miss out on them.

The sales for each item normally last for 3 hours each.

I believe that the prices they offer during flash sale events come from a combination of:

  • Lazada subsidising the cost
  • Brands offering short-term pricing incentives (meaning cut-price la)

Remember to subscribe to our newsletters so that you do not miss out on these flash sales.

Top class delivery & logistics

I truly believe that Lazada has gotten their logistics right for Malaysia and this reflects in its prices.

And then there is this thing called "LAZADA EXPRESS".

Believe it or not, Lazada is running their delivery service, using their vans and motorcycles.

And they are challenging the efficiency of the other logistics company such as Poslaju, Gdex and Skynet.

Normally there is a fee for using Lazada Express, sometimes they offer it for free so be sure to check that option.


Free Shipping Lazada Cashback MilkADeal

Free Shipping Lazada Cashback MilkADeal

Lazada Malaysia is the Malaysia's largest online shopping website

Lazada Malaysia is part of Lazada Group; founded in 2013 by Rocket Internet. Lazada Group is Southeast Asia's largest online shopping and selling destination in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Through its bold offerings, Lazada Malaysia provides customers with a smooth shopping experience unavailable previously. 

Plenty of choices

Lazada Malaysia provides online shoppers access to hundreds of thousands of products across different categories. At the start, they are more well known for having a complete offering of consumer electronics, mobiles & tablets and home appliances. Since then, Lazada Malaysia has slowly built up its offerings in health and beauty, home and living, and fashion. In fact, it already boasts to have the same amount of product offerings in its fashion category compared to Lazada's sister company, Zalora Malaysia.

There is an extensive selection of international and local brands, with many of them available exclusively on Lazada Malaysia. Lazada lives up to its vision to be the one-stop shopping destination for all shopping needs.

MilkADeal is proud to partner with Lazada to be their premier Cashback partner in South East Asia.

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Terms & Conditions for Lazada Cashback:

  • We award 100% of commission from Lazada as Cashback to you.
  • Purchases through Lazada's mobile app must go through the Lazada App page on MilkADeal.com (not this page).
  • Only one check out per shopping trip is entitled to Cashback.
  • For multiple checkouts, please click "Shop Now" on MilkADeal again. If your payment fails at checkout, you must go through MilkADeal, click Shop Now and restart the process again.
  • We will only award Cashback for completed shipped orders
  • We will confirm pending Cashback within 75 days of order shipment date
  • We will cancel Cashback if order is cancelled or refunded
  • Returns, Exchanges and Cancellations will not be awarded cashback.
  • Cashback is not applicable to purchases of gift cards, taxes and delivery charges.
  • Cashback will be paid on legitimate transactions only.
  • Accounts that engage in fraudulent orders/activities, such as gaming or cheating the system will be banned and all cashback forfeited.
  • Lazada sellers that game the system will have all cashback forfeited.
  • Use of promo/coupon codes not posted and approved by MilkADeal may affect your eligibility for cashback
  • Users are required to click on MilkADeal's "Shop Now" button and complete purchase wholly within the same window to qualify for cashback
  • If you are a Lazada reseller, there is the possibility that Lazada will void your cashback. Unfortunately, Lazada's decision is final and we are not able to challenge them on this.
  • If you believe that there is any cashback which does not appear in your account, please submit a 'Where's My Cashback' query within seven days of the transaction, as we will be unable to chase up older claims
  • Some merchants may not be forthcoming with untracked cashback. We do our best to track these cashback but reserve the right to halt enquiries at any time if it is beyond our ability to do so.
  • Information displayed here might differ from time to time and MilkADeal reserves the right to make changes to this Terms & Conditions without prior notice.

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