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Launched on the 16th of October 2012 in Australia, Strong Lift Wear has been inspired by passion and developed for enthusiasts. The founders feel that for years gym clothing has been lacking in quality, inspiration and ingenuity - whilst they aim to keep some of the 'old favorites' (t-backs and stringers) they want to bring today's generation a vibrant and innovative range of apparel.

Whilst seeking to keep the end cost low to our loyal customers, they also strive for unique designs and quality materials. They seek the best and most suitable fabrics and manufacturers to ensure their customers' satisfaction and enjoyment.

They wanted to avoid the 'mass production look' that most sports companies and supplement companies showcase. All of their products are customised and unique, from the round cut & extended tail of our T-back singlets, to the embroidery on our shorts - all of our products reflect aesthetic design and individualism. ships internationally (including Malaysia and Singapore). For purchases above AUD$150, they offer free international shipping.