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How to reload with TNG Pin?

Touch and Go Step 1

Step 1

Download TNG eWallet App from App Store or Play Store. Press Reload eWallet to reload.
Touch and Go Step 2

Step 2

On the reload page, press TnG Reload Pin on the bottom of the screen.
Touch and Go Step 3

Step 3

Enter the Reload Pin we gave you and enjoy your RM8 in your TnG eWallet!

Terms & Conditions

1. The complimentary TNG Reload PIN is valid for first time user without a Touch ‘n Go Card added into the eWallet.
2. Each TNG Reload PIN is unique and can only be redeemed once per new user.
3. Maximum toll rebates is RM0.60 per transaction.
4. Other terms and conditions apply.
5. All free RM 8 Reload Pins expire on 15 March 2019.