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  1. Cashback only applies for purchases made on Lazada's App.
  2. For New Lazada Customers, any products on Lazada App qualifies for Cashback.
  3. For Existing Lazada Customers, only products from selected Flagship Stores qualify for Cashback.
  4. Click Shop Now on MilkADeal again after you have installed Lazada's App for the first time.

Get Cashback from Lazada, the BEST Online Shopping Store in Malaysia!

Lazada Malaysia provides online shoppers access to hundreds of thousands of products across different categories. At the start, they are more well known for having a complete offering of consumer electronics, mobiles & tablets and home appliances. Since then, Lazada Malaysia has slowly built up its offerings in health and beauty, home and living, and fashion. In fact, it already boasts to have the same amount of product offerings in its fashion category compared to Lazada's sister company, Zalora Malaysia.

There is an extensive selection of international and local brands, with many of them available exclusively on Lazada Malaysia. Lazada lives up to its vision to be the one-stop shopping destination for all shopping needs.

MilkADeal is proud to partner with Lazada to be their premier Cashback partner in South East Asia.

Lazada App Cashback Rates (from 1 Jul)

STORE TYPE Any Stores Selected Flagship Stores*
CUSTOMER TYPE New Existing New Existing
Supermart 5.5% - 8.5% 3%
Lifestyle & Home 5.5% - 8.5% 3%
Health & Beauty 8% - 11% 3%
Fashion 8% - 11% 3%
Electronics 4.5% - 7.5% 3%
Digital Goods** 6.5% - 9.5% 3%
Special Digital Products** (Mobile Reloads, etc.) 6.5% - 9.5% 3%
Sample & Service Product 1% - 4% 3%
Apple Official Store Products - - - -
Volkswagen and Lazada Gift Cards - - - -

*Please see list of Flagship Stores that qualifies for cashback HERE.

**Cashback for Digital Goods & Special Digital Products only qualifies without any Vouchers applied.

Maximum Cashback Cap

Max Cashback Cap per Order RM 18 RM 18

Example for New Customer Cashback Cap:

  • If Selected Flagship Store Supermart Order Value is RM 8,000
  • Cashback = (RM 8,000 x 8.5% up to RM 18 cap) = RM 18

Tips for Successful Cashback Tracking


  • Make purchases by only using Lazada App.
  • Ensure the Shop Now button on MilkADeal is the last link you clicked before making your purchase. i.e. Don't open new websites/browser/app after that.
  • If you are an Existing Lazada Customer, make sure your product is from one of the Selected Flagship Stores in the list here.
  • Don't switch in and out in-between apps after starting your Shopping Trip.
  • Do not close the app until the Order Confirmation page is fully loaded.
  • Click Shop Now from MilkADeal once again after you have installed Lazada App for the first time.

Terms & Conditions for Lazada Malaysia Cashback

  • Cashback only qualified for purchases made on Lazada's App Store.
  • Gift Cards, Returns, exchanges and cancellations will not be awarded with cashback.
  • Digital Goods and Special Digital Products purchased with coupon/voucher codes may result in your cashback being voided.
  • The use of any discount/promo/voucher codes other than those published on MilkADeal may result in your cashback being voided.
  • To qualify for the New Customer cashback rates above, start your shopping trip on this page on your mobile device and when prompted, download the Lazada App via the Apple App Store or Google's Play Store. Then restart your shopping trip from this page by clicking Shop Now again and complete your purchase immediately.
  • For multiple checkouts, please click "Shop Now" on MilkADeal again before each checkout. If your payment fails at checkout, you must go through MilkADeal, click Shop Now and restart the process again.
  • In the unlikely event your payment made failed at the merchant page, return to MilkADeal and click "Shop Now" again to ensure proper tracking.
  • Cashback is calculated excluding all taxes, shipping charges, discounts, promo code applied, credits utilised, service charges, points redemption etc.
  • Lazada deploys an anti-fraud system to prevent cashback users from gaming their cashback tracking system. Depending on your purchasing trends, the anti-fraud system might flag you and your cashback will be voided as a result.
  • If you are a Lazada reseller, there is the possibility that Lazada will void your cashback. Unfortunately, Lazada's decision is final and we are not able to challenge them on this.
  • If you purchase the same item too frequently, Lazada's anti-fraud system might mark you as a reseller and your cashback will be voided.
  • Lazada users that engage in fraudulent orders/activities, such as gaming or cheating the system will be banned and all cashback forfeited.
  • To ensure proper cashback tracking, please ensure MilkADeal is the last link you clicked on before making your purchase. If you have been browsing on other sites in between (such as price comparison sites, coupon and deal sites), we will not be awarded with cashback. Therefore, we always advise users to avoid opening multiple tabs on your browser when making your purchase to avoid any tracking issues.
  • As some values are not reported accurately, the final amount will be amended upon confirmation of cashback if necessary.
  • Information displayed here might differ from time to time and MilkADeal reserves the right to make changes to these Terms & Conditions without prior notice.

Selected Flagship Stores that Qualifies for Cashback

NOTE: Cashback offer from these stores may be paused at any time without prior notice.