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Get Cashback for acquiring a Citibank Credit Card!

Citi has been in Malaysia since 1959 and has more than 6,000 employees in 11 branches and three Citi Service Centers. Citi Malaysia is a market leader in credit cards holding the largest market share in sales volume (usage) and receivables, and a dominant share in wealth management.

In Malaysia, Citi is the top foreign owned bank for Corporate FX, Cross border Cash Management, e-Payments and institutional investor transactions. Citibank is the only foreign bank to be rated AAA by the Rating Agency Malaysia for 15 consecutive years.

Citibank Credit Card Application Cashback rates:

Approved Credit Card Applications RM 200


  • Fully complete the submission form and the 6 steps required soon after Shop NOW is clicked.
  • Cashback will be confirmed once the credit card is approved.

Terms & Conditions of Citibank Credit Card Application Cashback:

  • For multiple applications, please click Shop Now on MilkADeal for each application i.e. restart the process each time.
  • Before completing your application, opening/browsing other websites after clicking Shop Now will disrupt the cashback tracking system and will result in your cashback not getting tracked or being voided.
  • Applcations made using Internet Networks with firewalls or in a Public WiFi environment (e.g. Starbucks) may result in your cashback not getting tracked.
  • Confirmed within days shown is a guide and may be subjected to delays if there are delays in reporting by the merchant.