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Agoda iOS App Cashback, Vouchers, Discount Codes & Coupons

Get Cashback for booking made on Agoda iOS App via MilkADeal

  • 3.5% on Stayed Bookings booked on Agoda's iOS App (excluding taxes, service charges, Agoda points redemption etc.)

Top Reasons why you should book with Agoda

It is one of the easiest to use online hotel booking platform on the internet. It was founded in Thailand before the turn of the century and has since been acquired by The Priceline Group. It is particularly popular with asian tourists, and it prides on being one of the top Online Travel Agencies based in Asia.

Reason 1: Award-winning website

Agoda's award-winning website is super fast and easy to use. Once booked, you will get an instant confirmation. There is a wide selection of accommodation and room types available to be booked. The website is available in 38 different languages and has various types of accommodations in its offerings, from hotels and b&bs to beach resorts, rest houses and homestays.

Reason 2: PointsMAX

The very first thing you should do when visiting Agoda's website is to turn on PointsMAX. (Well it should be on by default)

For our context as Malaysians, the 3 big ones that you should defnitely consider are Malaysia Airlines Enrich, AirAsia BIG and Asia Miles (think Cathay Pacific flights). You can only select one so make sure you choose the correct loyalty programs. How it works is that on top of getting great deals, you can also earn loyalty points for each booking you made. To prevent fraudulent transactions, the loyalty points will be credited after you stay.

Reason 3: Pricing

One little birdy informed us that his golden rule when when researching on accomodations:

If it is a 4-star hotel & below, Agoda will almost always have the best rates. If it is a 5-star hotel, check the hotel's website directly first and compare the prices to see who has the best rates.

Reason 4: Agoda Rewards Points

On top of PointsMAX, for each booking you make, by default you are able to get Agoda Rewards Points. What's the use of the Rewards Points you ask? Before answering that, there are actually 2 levels of membership: Premier and Elite. You will need to accumulate 75,000 Rewards Points per year to maintain your Elite status (and points expire annually).

You can use the Rewards Points in exchange for a cash discount. The discount starts from 12,500 Point to USD25.

Just remember to check if you have unused Rewards as they expire at the end of the year.

Reason 5: Localised Customer Service Number

Instead of the usual email exchanges, you could actually call up a local Malaysian number to speak to one of their friendly customer service representatives. No need for long distance international phone calls.

Reason 6: Customer Reviews

At the end of your stay, Agoda would always ask for your feedback on your accomodation. You can submit reviews which will be added into Agoda's page of the hotel. We find that this plays a crucial part when deciding which hotel to take up. Overall, most hotels range that people book ranges between a score of 6-8 points so depending on your budget, this is the next big thing to consider when booking hotels.

Needless to say, hotels which are priced quite reasonably and have a rating of 8 and above are always booked out.

Reason 7: Save even more with Cashback from MilkADeal

The idea behind Cashback is to be able to let travellers get additional savings through cashback. For each booking made through MilkADeal, we receive a commission. We can then pass these commission back to you so that you can save more.

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Terms & Conditions for Agoda iOS App

  • If you are making your hotel booking on Agoda's website or Agoda's Android App, please ensure you access the other Agoda page on MilkADeal. Agoda will not award us with cashback if you access the wrong page.
  • Gift card purchases do not qualify for cashback.
  • Returns, exchanges and cancellations will not be awarded with cashback.
  • The use of any discount/promo/voucher codes other than those published on MilkADeal may result in your cashback being voided.
  • Cashback is calculated excluding all taxes, surcharges, shipping charges, discounts, promo code applied, credits utilised, service charges, points redemption etc.
  • In the unlikely event your payment made failed at the merchant page, return to MilkADeal and re-do your purchase to ensure proper tracking.
  • For multiple checkouts, please click "Shop Now" on MilkADeal again. If your payment fails at checkout, you must go through MilkADeal, click Shop Now and restart the process again.
  • To ensure proper cashback tracking, please ensure MilkADeal is the last link you clicked on before making your purchase. If you have been browsing on other sites in between (such as price comparison sites, coupon and deal sites), we will not be awarded with cashback. Therefore, we always advise users to avoid opening multiple tabs on your browser when making your purchase to avoid any tracking issues.

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