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High Quality

High Quality Pantyliner Negative Ion, Nano Silver, Far Infrared Ray

Fe’malenical Sanitary pads are made of pure cotton surface with high-temperature and UV sterilization. This will enable women to enjoy a great feeling of soft and comfortable environment during the entire menstrual periods and therefore, avoiding the discomfort feelings resulted from the sanitary pad surface which made of paper or plastic materials.

Fe’malenical sanitary pads not only providing women with absolute protection when wearing it, it has also brought many positive health impacts to women with the implementation of the 3-in-1 functional core stripe which exclusively designed by Taiwan's Nanotechnology.

On ventilation function, the bottom layer has the excellent breathable effects which can enable the heat from inside to penetrate out as to eliminate the stored moisture and humid air, to reduce the bacteria growth and to minimize the infection problems during the menstrual periods. (The breeding of bacteria is most optimal under moisture environment. Most of the women are not hard-working enough to replace sanitary pads and when coupled with bacterial infection, they are prompted to be infected during the menstrual process). We developed another cotton layer above the breathable layer in order to further improve the resistance against permeability and to achieve the best result of leak-proof effect, without affecting the ventilation function. (Normally this feature does not found in many high-grade sanitary pads in market.)

Fe’malenical core stripe has 3 major functions for human health:

  1. Far Infrared Ray function – improve blood circulation which will help to regulate menstrual period and menstrual pains.
  2. Negative Ions (test results: 6,120 a / cm ³) – to provide sufficient oxygen to virginal as to strengthen the body immune system to fight against bacteria growth and to energize the weak body system during menstrual period.
  3. Nano Silver – able to kill 650 types of bacteria within 30 minutes with the effective rate of 99.99%.

Fe’malenical Product Features:

  1. Packaging : x30’s Pantyliner per pack.
  2. Product material: cotton surface layer, core stripe with negative ion, nano silver, far infrared ray function, dust-free layer, permeability bottom layer, food grade glue.
  3. Product benefits: helps to regulate mentrual period, relief mentrual pain, reduce white discharge, improve fertility, 99.99% kill bacteria, dry and comfort surface, anti-odour, no itchiness.

Product Functions: Cleansing, hygienic, permeability, anti-bacterial

Direction of Use: Use during normal day for protection and health improvement.

Main Ingredients: Ultra-soft surface, dust-free paper, permeable bottom layer, food grade gum.

Highlight Ingredients: Negative Ions, Nano Silver and Far Infra Ray (3-in-1 Functional Core Chip with Taiwan Nanotechnology)

Storage Method: Dry area

Net Weight: 100gm±

Packaging of Products: Paper Box

Product Content: Cotton paper, ultra soft dust-free paper

Specification: Length 155mm (30 pcs / box)




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  • Improve immune system
  • Cell activation ,promote blood circulation &metabolism
  • Improve fertility
  • Anti bacteria & anti-itchy
  • Anti odor &reduce white discharge
  • Relieve menstrual cramp/pain
  • Regulate menstrual period cycle
  • Improve endocrine system, balance physiological function

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